Excuses are easy to find
but very hard to kill

Healthy Heroes is all about making exercise fun. After all, 7/10 people are experts in finding excuses. We aim to make you an expert in killing them! #killyourexcuses

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What makes us so Awesome?

Your very own character to level up through exercise, a social feed for you and your friends or to discover others around you and unique features like our popular “Battle” feature. Ever wanted to battle a friend for a run? Now you can!

World Champion

Martin Lidberg

Former wresting world champion Martin Lidberg, today one of Sweden's top fitness gurus. The plans from Martin are designed to keep get you in shape and stay that way!


Jannika "Hyper" Larsson

Ever wondered how to build that elegant physique? It's al about a balance between body and mind. Jannika is also known for staring in the Swedish Gladiators and now you can get the desired results easier than ever before!


Roddy "Hero" Benjaminson

Being a gladiator, a lot of people out there are wondering, "how does one train like a gladiator"? Well, the Swedish Gladiator "Hero" is revealing his secrets in his training plan "Exercise like a gladiator"!

Running Coach

Jenny Sunding

Being a runner is not about putting one foot infront of the other faster than you normally do. It's 70% technique, 30% mind! Jenny, considered to be one of Sweden's top running coaches, gives you the expertise you need in her plans!


Magdalena Bibik

Ever wanted to have a personal training plan for preparing for a triathlon. A personal coach for a triathlon is expensive, but no more. Magdalenas plans teaches you all that you need to know, for triathlons and beyond!


Jessica Westergård

Mind, body and soul. To achieve true wellness, is to achieve balans. It's not all about burning calories. It's about believing that you can achieve all that you want! Mixing Yoga with body weight is easier if you know exactly what to do!

World Champion

Josefin Lillhage

Swimming is never easy if you are on your own. Josefin, former world champion swimmer shows you the technics required to master to take your swimming to the next level, to the level of a champion!